Case Studies

Warwickshire Youth Justice Service recalls Ignition

Motivational Interviewing as foundation skill for work with youth

Added 25 Sep 2015
Towards the 'rehabilitative institution': Motivational Interactions at HMP Parc

Promoting ‘change thinking’ and engagement through Motivational Interactions

Added 1 Dec 2014
'A return to social work' : Motivational Interviewing in child protection

Devon County Council see the value of MI

Added 3 Nov 2014
Live Scenario training for Devon Social Workers

Ofsted recognises innovation

Added 3 Nov 2014
Health MI: Increasing skills for specialist doctors

Dr Melanie Epstein, Specialist Doctor and Associated Specialist Lead, describes being trained in 'the real thing.'

Added 24 Jul 2014
National Welsh initiative for child protection: the Integrated Family Support Service

Creating the motivational 'supportive environment' for effective practice

Added 23 Jul 2014
Northamptonshire Relate chooses evidence based practice in domestic abuse

Choosing to Change engagement programme fills 'service gap'

Added 1 Jul 2013
Warwickshire Youth Justice Service

Motivational Interviewing to support change in young offenders

Added 15 Mar 2012
Bracknell Forest Council: Reducing harm from domestic abuse

Too many Child Protection Plans where domestic violence and abuse was a concern resulted in children being taken into local authority accommodation - a safe and cost-effective solution was needed.

Added 3 Jan 2012
The Family Nurse Partnership: Core Skills in Motivational Interviewing

"Changing the world: One baby at a time."

Added 1 Jun 2011
Stonham Worcester: Domestic abuse perpetrator group work

Doing what it says on the tin: Forward thinking housing provider addresses root of the problem

Added 23 Sep 2011
Motivation and domestic abuse for Relate Exeter

Ignition helps close 'service gap' with innovative programme model

Added 23 Jul 2010
Consultancy support to National Offender Management Service domestic violence programme

Ignition is leading provider across probation areas delivering IDAP

Added 23 Jul 2010
Ignition introduces MI to Northern Ireland prisons

MI for criminal justice contexts to main grade officers and historic tranche of Psychology Assistants

Added 4 Apr 2009
Motivation at the bottom of the world: MI with Corrections Victoria, Australia

Taking motivation ‘out of the box’ and creating the ‘rehabilitative institution’ through Motivational Interactions

Added 10 Jun 2003
Moving away from the camps: Estonian Ministry of Justice

Motivational Interviewing as foundation of rehabilitative work in prison system

Added 23 Sep 2003
Motivational action approach to domestic abuse in Sunderland

South Tyneside Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Project chooses Ignition

Added 23 Jul 2004
Consultancy support to West Yorkshire Probation 'Duluth Pathfinder' project

Ignition input "essential" to success

Added 6 Jun 2000