Successful completion of two year training and coaching project

Dr Mark Farrall keynote speaker on research informed work

Respect supports one to one work with intimate partner violence and abuse

Assessments of Estonian Strength to Change practice

International training project continues

'Taster' whets the appetite for change

Working in translation adds extra layer!

100% satisfaction with training on strengths-based work with families

MI skills to reduce resistance and increase disclosure

Ignition Director to speak at conference launch

Report pays some attention to effective practice in intimate partner violence & abuse

Help for Heroes couple programme nearing delivery

MI as 'point of difference' and improvement of service

Results may lead to larger scale initiative

Delivery of training suggest MI as 'core platform'

re:group veteran and partner support programme confirmed for 2015

Ignition helps further clarify evidence based domestic abuse work

National standards will be great step forward

'Grandmother' of all 'one size fits all' domestic violence and abuse programmes 'ineffective'

Non-convicted men's programme to be first development

Safeguarding improved and economies achieved by effective practice

Relationship Scotland and Relate England discuss approaches to intimate partner violence

The most useful of my social work training throughout my entire learning

'Time is right' to bring evidence & research into domestic abuse work

New 're:group' support programme for veterans and families

Wales 'advantage' lies in Motivational Interviewing skills

Opportunities for evidence-based practice explored

Ignition Director appointed as 'outside eye'

Ignition and Violence and Interpersonal Aggression research group collaborate

Britain cited with 28% rate of women experiencing violence

Request for Chapter recognises unique background of Ignition founder

Workshop considers creative work with violent offenders

'Centre of excellence' HMP Parc in Bridgend is exploring Ignition intervention options.

Making links between psychodrama action therapy and other approaches