Applied Drama / Theatre Training

Experiential or ‘action’ techniques

Experiential techniques mean ‘getting out of the chair’, to work more actively than sitting and talking. Staff do not need to be actors or have a drama background to be able to use these techniques well and effectively – ignition training will equip staff with all the necessary skills and knowledge to feel confident in the use of the methods.

Ignition has over twenty five years of experience in the effective use of these approaches and in combination with Motivational Interviewing the methods are at the heart of ignition’s successful intervention programmes, providing a powerful, memorable and useful experience.

Action techniques can be used in a group or one-to-one setting and are applicable to working with:

  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Offender groups
  • Youth groups
  • Community groups
  • Supervision and coaching for staff groups

The active methods can be used to:

  • Promote a positive group climate, enhancing functioning
  • Explore problematic behaviours
  • Develop and practise new or altered behaviours
  • Increase empathy and perspective taking
  • Make abstract issues concrete and comprehensible
  • Enhance ‘talk based’ programmes


Ignition provides a comprehensive set of training courses, teaching skills and providing sufficient theory to enable staff to understand what they are doing:

  • Safe and effective use of ‘warm up’ exercises
  • Use of active exercises as a metaphor for behaviour
  • Use of image work
  • Use of role play and role taking
  • Incident reconstructions for offence analysis
  • Effective coaching and skill development

The training can be assembled into a bespoke package to fit your specific requirement:

  • Integrated package of training & support
  • Training offered in-house at your agency
  • Dates arranged at your convenience
  • Trainee numbers negotiable
  • All programme materials and full theory manual included

Please contact us to discuss your interest in the programme.